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Monday, November 28, 2005

> close window

I'd like to script my macro to close the active Aleph window. Currently, I'm using the alt--w--a command, which closes all the windows. Do any of you know how to tell Aleph to close the active window only via a keyboard command? Betsy

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

> Macro Development - LKR Holdings without call number

Betsy and I collaborated on a macro that copies the call number from a bibliographic record to the holdings 852 field.

"Ordinarily Aleph automatically adds the call number on the bib to the HOL when the HOL is created, but there are instances where the HOL is created before a call number is available on the bib."--Betsy

> Macro Development - Connexion Client 001 field

I assisted Betsy Simpson with the creation of a macro that copies the Aleph System Number (001) field to the 599 field to be exported. The macro automates the export. Betsy adds, "The 599 sys id acts as a unique matchpoint for overlay.

Technique we used was to repeatedly sample the command button, waiting for it's text to be "OK." This indicates the export is complete.

> Linking the Electronic Copy to the Print copy in Aleph

The macro is available for download at:
It is labeled as Linking Print_Elec
I won't discuss here how to create the files needed for this.

I will say that this macro set assumes that you are working with an excel file and that the Cataloging module is open.

There should be 4 columns populated
1. Print record system number
2. log report from Genload (usually "merge" if successful)
3. Electronic record system number
4. Title

The macro copies all the information in a row and opens the CAT module. First it checks to see if the print system number matches the title in the spreadsheet. Then it checks to see if there is an LKR field, if there is it will be deleted.

The Macro then opens the electronic record and checks the title to see if it matches the spreadsheet. If everything checks out up until this point then an LKR field is added linking it the print copy.

This is how the macro works in general using CTRL+1 to start it from the excel file.
However I have added several new features which attempt to take into account when titles in our record don't match up to what is in the excel spreadsheet.

The macro handles this by 1st checking the print record to see if there is an exact match. If there is not then the macro copies what is in the 245 subfield a.
The macro then copies the information from the 245 subfield a of the electronic record. If there is a match here then the macro will continue. Otherwise it will stop and ask the user to manually verify a match. This has cut down greatly on how many times the user needs to check the macro.

> Macro Development - Analytics

I'm assisting Todd Chisolm with a macro that fascilitates searching for and linking parent and child records that were erroneously cataloged separately. Macro extracts call number from parent record and brings up brief list of "children." User can then choose from menu of different link types to insert.

> Monographs Suite available

The basic collection of Monographs Unit macros is now available for testing and feedback. I have not held the first demonstration for our unit yet. Hope to get that done soon. Macros include creating an order; paying an invoice; paying invoices for Latin American Approvals; searching in the Catalog module; converting an isbn to and from EAN Bookand number; extracting any given tag for pasting into a text box or text document (e.g. e-mail).

> Macro Development - SOLINET microfilm project

Betsy Simpson and I developed a macro for creating holdings records for negative and positive microfilm items. The macro works from a spreadsheet supplied by the Systems Department, indicating that this list of materials has been filmed. The macro also edits the bibliographic record and the book holdings record.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

> cat stats/new titles macro

I'm going to try to put together a series of macros to enable catalogers to easily record cataloging statistics via triggers. If anyone wants to work with me on it, they'd be most welcome! :-) The steps involved look like this:

Edit menu/Record's Triggers
Click New (for new trigger)
Choose Department (unit default)
Add Trigger Text (unit default) with opportunity to change default

The macro also needs to allow the cataloger to indicate whether the title is eligible for the new titles list. If it is, then the macro needs to add a new field ("NEW"), which has recently been setup by FCLA in Test, and record the following info: $$anew $$bYYYYMMDD.

The departments listed currently are the Aleph default. I'm working on getting a customized list in place.

If any of you have any tips, please pass them along.